Gender Discrimination and Sexual Slavery: voices of Yezidi women

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Gender Discrimination and Sexual Slavery: voices of Yezidi women
Yesterday at 18:30
Room 3.07, LSE Clement House (99 Aldwych, London WC2B 4JF)
26 people joined
InterestedIn a post-Brexit and Trump age, it is evident that racial discrimination is becoming an increasingly grave concern. But for Yezidi women, they face setbacks stemming not just from their racial or religious backgrounds, but their gender as well. The challenges such women have to go through are unique and immense – and it is as such crucial to discuss their issues so that in the process, they are more empowered and their voices are heard.

Hence, the UN society is honoured to be able to invite four groups of speakers to share their insights in the event.

1. Shimaa Elsayed – Amnesty International UK trainer and the founder of the WAVE NGO and Magdalena Markiewicz – communication manager/ human rights protection trainer at the WAVE NGO and LSE Master’s student will be giving a presentation on gender discrimination issue and sexual slavery of the Yezidi women. They will also introduce awareness campaigns organized by the WAVE NGO (Women Against Violent Extremism)ю

2. Dr. Aitemat Muhanna Matar, an Assistant Professiorial Research Fellow at the LSE Middle East Centre ( will talk about the issue of the youth radicalisation and will focus specifically on the Tunisian case.

3. Alia Alhwiti – she is a Saudi Arabian woman who has been named one of the 50 most influential women in the Arab world by the Forbes. She is also a trustee of WAVE NGO. She will talk about her own experience as a Muslim woman, the obstacles she faced while working her way up and how she has become successful against all odds. She will present her life story as a way to show Muslim women that you can succeed even if growing up in a patriarchal, conservative society. Her story is furthered to empower women who think they cannot achieve great success in the “men’s world”.

4. Somaye Zadeh – a poet who will be performing her poem ” I am Muslim and proud”.

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